April 2020 e-newsletter

Dear Guilders,

Well we are going through strange times – not least because the Churches and Wesley Guilds are closed. We will not be sending out the usual paper newsletter due to the problem of you being unable to circulate it. I am sure you are doing your best to keep in touch with your members whether it’s by email or telephone.
It reminds me that years ago, even when I joined the Guild at 17, (and before that no doubt) among the committees for the Wesley Guild was the “Lookout committee” with its secretary and members. You might wonder what that meant – it was set up to not only look after our members but to try and recruit new members. I’m sure you find this in the Church too, the pastoral committee is always keen to keep in touch with all members particularly those who are unwell, or in hospital. In these difficult times we are experiencing now, those of you on your own at home, so welcome the phone ringing or an email arriving (as long as it’s not an advert etc!).
There have been two big plus signs in the current situation – the weather has been so good. Doesn’t the sunshine make you feel better and for those who have gardens to be able to do some work or just to sit there to enjoy it? The second thing is when you telephone someone they are there to answer it (unless they have gone in the garden and not taken the phone with them, or maybe gone shopping). Had this pandemic occurred in say November or December with the short days and generally poor weather and certainly cold, we would have been much more miserable.

As secretaries your Guild programme, certainly for indoor meetings, would have been coming to a close or even finished for the season. Just think when you come to prepare next winter’s programme you’ll have a few meetings you can insert straight away that weren’t used this winter season !!! We have to look for the plus points!
I imagine some of you will have had holidays cancelled for the period in question and the summer. The Guild holiday I have planned at Sidholme, Sidmouth, Devon from 28th June to 3rd July is still on. Christian Guild holidays are going to make a decision in early May. In the meantime we have to wait. Do take care and stay well.
Pray for those affected by the Coronavirus and those who have lost loved ones to the virus. We think particularly of those who haven’t been able to hold a full funeral with family and friends present. We hope they will have a service of thanksgiving when this crisis is over.
We thank God for all those working very hard in hospitals, care homes and those at home. We also remember those who are working as normal in food shops, all the service industries, so we can keep getting the food we need, and the medicinal items necessary for our well-being, and those in all the ancillary industries that keep the wheels of the country turning. Please forward this letter to all members who are on email. God bless you all. Pat Preston, Chair of the Wesley Guild Executive


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